Welcome to DroxBob!

DroxBob is a right way to run your site! Use dropbox, create a folder named as your site and share it with share@droxbob.com on dropbox. We take the rest.

1 In your dropbox create a folder for your site and name it as your site. (e.g. website.com) Pretty nice, yup!

2 Share your site folder with us - our sharing dropbox user is share@droxbob.com

See how to share with dropbox

3  Preview your site with url like: website.com.droxbob.com

To make it yoursite.com - you have to update your domain settings at your domain provider (like godaddy.com) - add Alias address for your site 'droxbob.com'. That easy. (or use our ip address:

See examlpe

4 Show your site to friends! Yesss!!!

See detailed

5 Edit the Source  right in your dropbox folder and see your site updated instantly! Droxbob allows you to edit static HTML  including scripts, stylesheets, and more.

Visit the Source Editing Guide

6  Stay cool even if dropbox is down. We're caching your site, and we care on availability!

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Warning! DroxBob is not responsible for content you sharing with us. We might stop droxbobbing your site in case on third-party abuses.
Let us know about your experience feedback@droxbob.com